Rail services


Our workshops have been certified as Level 2 facilities under Commission Regulation (EU) No 445/2011 for mobile maintenance delivery functions and have for years been supporting our clients in connection with minor repair work. We are also currently implementing a major workshop project in the Port of Vienna which will significantly extend the range of maintenance services we can offer. In addition, we are also preparing for an extension of our ECM and VPI certification.

First / last mile

The first and last mile are often the most challenging in a long logistics chain. These terms refer to the first and last leg of a journey before your goods can get under way or you as the customer can take receipt of them. We offer optimal solutions for these legs of the journey. We perform all of the associated work using our shunting locomotives and own personnel at the Port of Vienna.

Technical inspections

The flawless technical condition of rolling stock is critical to ensuring safe transportation. Our top-qualified in-house rolling stock experts mean that we have the appropriate resources available in Vienna and the surrounding area and also offer these services to our clients.