Every year, we transport high volumes of fuels such as coal, coke and wood chips. Logs are also regularly transported in the course of wagonload freight services. Our rail-based transport logistics in this segment make a major contribution to easing the burden on the environment.

Chemicals & mineral oil products

High quality and safety standards play an important role along our transport chains. The expertise, diligence and experience of our personnel enable us to also transport ‘sensitive’ goods without problems. Depending on our clients’ wishes, we transport products from the chemicals and mineral oil industries as single wagons or block units.

Consumer goods

Our containers are available as freight containers for everything that can be transported in the consumer product segment. In recent years, these have mainly been electronic devices and garden furniture being transported to the domestic market in our containers.


Cars and automotive parts are among the goods we transport as single wagon freight services. Over 80,000 cars fresh off the production line are transported along the routes we organise every year.


We transport a wide range of different products. Regular products transported also include foodstuffs such as cereals, which are professionally freighted across Europe in accordance with the relevant product-specific requirements and regulations. Ideal logistics solutions and efficient transport chains are tailored to precisely reflect our clients’ needs.

Dangerous goods (RID)

Rail is a perfect option for transporting dangerous goods. The safe transport of such freight requires strict compliance with various regulations as well as careful planning and monitoring by specialists. Our dangerous goods safety advisors have the necessary specialist knowledge and many years of experience. They are involved in the planning and operational management of such shipments and are available as partners to support our clients.